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Just because I hide fuzzy treats…

Happy Easter! almost daily funnies.

You’re not a real photog ‘til you’ve learned to pee with your camera bag on.

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Kale is a food??? almost daily funnies.

Tax Day at the photo studio ( I meant garage.)

CLICKittyCAT almost daily funnies.

Our kids will see our old SM feed and realize how lame we were (are). almost daily funnies.

"Only" 0%!!!

Good news / Bad news almost daily photo cartoons.

Don’t forget to stock up on Flashbulbs…

Don’t forget to stock up on Flashbulbs…

"It is not sociologists who provide insights but photographers of our sort who are the observers at the very center of their times."

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Hate the INdecisive moment…

clicKITTYcat almost daily photo funnies.

It’s not IF your hard drive will crash… It’s WHEN.

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It’s a good day when the bottom of my laptop has coffee and salsa stains from my local Breakfast House!

CLICKittyCAT almost daily photo cartoons.

photography is a craft… almost daily photo funnies…

Love daylight savings time but…

CLICKittyCAT almost daily photo funnies