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Sometimes I get the feeling the girl in my phone is just …

What do house painters and photographers have in common?

Best hashtag ever:

Need a refresher on using the large format camera? #Largeformat workshop coming up

A simple concept, no? almost daily photo cartoons.

Socks, keys & lens shades … almost daily photo funnies.

Socks, keys & lens shades … almost daily photo funnies.

~Annie Leibovitz Quote

Give a little, give a lot …

Useless camera graphic …

Clouds or sunshine?

Best reason to do portrait photography!

For a limited time only?

Who says government never invented anything …

"You can’t pay your rent with photo-credits" has been updated!

The new non-currency is LIKES, PLUSES & FAVORITES! almost daily photo cartoons

The Law of Photographer/Subject Proximity. almost daily photography funnies.